2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Disaster Relief CharityAnnouncement of Online Screening Event

In response to the disaster of the Noto Peninsula earthquake that occurred on January 1, 2024, and with the intention of supporting those affected and those still facing challenging circumstances in Noto, we have decided to organize an online charity screening of documentary films related to Noto’s cuisine.

Approximately ten years ago, we had the privilege of collaborating with director Kahori Ishii for the screening of two films. “The Genealogy of Sake” depicts the craftsmanship and way of life of Noto’s sake brewers, while “A Handful of Salt” showcases individuals involved in traditional salt-making using the age-old method of “AGEHAMA” in the salt fields of Suzu City.

Both films highlight the remarkable craftsmanship of Noto’s artisans, who invest time, effort, and passion into creating products that showcase Japan’s pride in excellent craftsmanship.

Despite facing significant challenges in the aftermath of the earthquake, where the current situation makes craftsmanship difficult, we hope that by sharing the skills and sentiments of the people in this region with a wider audience, it will stimulate demand for the region’s industries and contribute to the ongoing recovery.

Both films include English subtitles, and we sincerely hope that people around the world will take the opportunity to watch them.

Event Overview
1) Online Screening Dates

February 18th (Sunday) to February 24th (Saturday)

Click on the images to watch the trailers.

“The Genealogy of Sake”

“A Handfuul of Salt”

Message from Director Kahori Ishii on the Two Films

I’m Kahori Ishii, the director of the documentaries “A Handful of Salt” and “The Genealogy of Sake “, portraying the lifestyle intertwined with nature on the Noto Peninsula and conveying the skills and emotions of Noto’s sake brewers.

I dedicated my twenties to these two films. My perspective, previously limited to the urban environment without a hometown, underwent a transformative change, thanks to the collaboration with the people of Noto who rooted me in a different way of life.
In response to the recent earthquake disaster, we decided to make the screening rights of these two films more accessible to many. It’s an agonizing decision for a filmmaker, but we chose to host independent screenings, hoping to contribute to support efforts. Regardless of the scale, we believe that hosting these screenings in any way we can will help sustain long-term recovery efforts. Let’s support each other and reclaim a world reminiscent of the one documented in these films! I sincerely hope as many people as possible will watch this movie and share in our determination.

2) How to Apply

Participation Fee: ¥2,500 per session

Please apply through the following links:

A Period: Feb 18 (Sun) to Feb 20 (Tue) – “The Genealogy of Sake “

A Period: Feb 18 (Sun) to Feb 20 (Tue) – “A Handful of Salt”

B Period: Feb 21 (Wed) to Feb 24 (Sat) – “The Genealogy of Sake “

B Period: Feb 21 (Wed) to Feb 24 (Sat) – “A Handful of Salt”

【The entire participation fee will be donated to the following organizations】

“We will cover administrative fees other than the system usage fees.”

Hokuriku Mirai Foundation (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation)

Ishikawa Prefecture Brewers Association Federation

3) Regarding Viewing

【Important Notes】
– Please be aware that the video or audio may be affected by Wi-Fi conditions.
– Refrain from recording the content of the broadcast.
– Avoid spreading the broadcast URL on social media or notifying others.
– Participants are responsible for communication expenses.
– For any other inquiries, please use the contact form.